Looked the Part…Wrong Person

“Man, that person is a hard worker. If only they looked good in their clothing, they’d get more opportunities.” “You have the talent and abilities to do the job, but you don’t look the part so you can’t be considered.”

This is an ugly fact in the professional workforce… the fact that some deserving people are not allowed a chance to obtain what they have earned simply because they look a certain way.

In today’s society, the majority of people will get ahead based on their physical look and gift of gab. That’s okay for them, if they are willing to have someone place them inside a stereotypical box. In most of those cases, the tell tell signs go unnoticed, until it is too late. That “shiny penny”‘s characteristics, when observed over time, will let you know that person is shallow in thought, all talk without the walk, and intentions were never truly set on improving the business. Unfortunately, that person will most likely achieve a position within the business that they cannot be removed from so easily.

Those that talk the talk and walk it seem to progress at a more slower pace because their hard work is taken advantage of, in the hopes that their satisfaction levels are being met by seeing the change they made happen and nothing else being required.

Some refer to this as politics, and it maybe, to some degree, but the root of this problem is that the person saying these things and performing those actions are cynical and judgmental. Not one person that is actually skilled in their profession, and respectful of others and their dedication, would think it’s okay to hold anyone back from moving up the ladder.

Some of you may be guilty of this and others of you may have been a victim of this, unknowingly. I cannot change the former but I can advise the latter. If you feel like your hard work is not reaping the benefits you feel you deserve, and you think it is because of your looks, my advice is this… leave the situation and take your value with you. You owe you and no one else.

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