For all the times you asked for a new challenge or to take on something new when everyone else wanted nothing to do with it.  For that time your management ignored your accomplishment but a person not in your organization gave you praises.  Don’t forget the time you went out on a limb to support your organization, without their support, only to be recognized when you’re a couple of days away from exiting.

There will be times when you are not recognized, in any way, for you hard work and dedication until you are no longer around.  I have had the misfortune of this many times, like some of you may have.  Then there have been the rare times it has happened without me leaving.  I like those moments.  Those are the moments I am able to tell a requester to wait.

All I want to do is work.  The grind and hustle is just who I am now.  I had turned it off because I felt like my physical fitness abilities were taking me further than working programs or working at a desk.  But when I had an accident and had surgery, I realized just how wrong I was in thinking that.  There’s more to that story but I’ll save that for another post but the end result of the story was that I was “black balled.”
At my previous organization, I was told up front that I will not succeed in the organization because there is no room for me to do so because they (management) have already chosen their “shining stars.”  Now, do not get me wrong, I was not a fan of what I was told but I did appreciate the honesty.  It’s not everyday that someone is brave enough to say something that careless and reckless in front witnesses.

Every since I heard Jay-Z say, “I’m not a businessman… I’m a business man” I have been taking my business to other organizations to ensure I did not lose my edge in creativity.  I also did that because I am not the guy that takes no for an answer when it’s my ideas and drive are what has gotten me to where I am today.

When I went to these other organizations, I created programs and events that help me receive awards and accolades from bosses of other work groups.  I took on recruitment booths, beautification projects, created professional writing and education events.  I was even a first responder to a motorcycle accident.  Took all of this information back to my organization just to be told that, “you did not do enough.”  At that point, I gave up trying to show what I already knew, that I work harder than almost anyone but get no positive feedback from my management team.

So now we get to the good part.  Once all the awards and accolades come in from all the bosses not in my organization to those within my organization, my management team begin to asks a lot of questions.  My favorite being, “why haven’t you been nominated for any awards?” My simple reply, “you told me I don’t do enough.”  When my management team saw how other people valued my opinion and loved the results I produced, that’s when my management wanted what was best for me, or should I say, “what’s best for me.”
When I was asked to do something or take on a project by my management crew, I told them no and they have to wait.  No is the word I use the most in the workplace these days because no one else has enough backbone to use it.  Now I use the word wait.  I feel that it’s only fair to tell someone to wait when you did not have their support in the first place.  Now I don’t strike when the “iron is hot” anymore.  I have created my own lane to be able to strike when I feel.  It took a little over two years to do it but I will admit, it’s much easier and better this way.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever been told no or wait your turn and settled for that answer?  If so, how did it work out?

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