What Type of Bank Are You?


A question to ask yourself, what type of bank are you.  In a previous post, I asked you a question based off of what Bishop T.D. Jakes asked his congregation.  That question was, “is your investment bigger than the bank?”. 

The first time I heard it, it gave me a chill.  Sometimes you have those moments when it doesn’t take you time to figure out how significant something a person just said is to you.  So now I ask you, what type of bank are you?

Are the majority of your transactions considered withdrawals?  That is you always allowing people around you, be it friends, family, co-workers, or random people, take from you without putting anything back into you.  This is a taker’s paradise… automatic refills of revenue, limitless withdrawals, and most importantly, no fees of any kind.

If you are more of a bank that focuses more on saving than anything else, this means you collect favors that others owe you.  Best case scenario, you actually use some or all of those favors, you aren’t just saving them to save them.  Worst case scenario, you perform actions to help others, save the favors they owe you, and become bitter because you’re waiting for someone to make a withdrawal on a favor they owe you.  Savings is good but anyone that knows and understands financial saving knows that nothing bigger comes from tucking your money away without a way for it to grow.  If you understand finances, then you know that investing is more profitable than simply saving.

The investment bank; the investment bank is you investing in yourself and investing in others.  There is nothing too big for this bank because instead of stating that “I’ve reached my storage capacity”, this type of bank says, “let me find a place for you”.  In stead of saying “I’m tapped out” to yourself, you say “what is not necessary in my life, what is a liability that I need to get rid of to bring in this more beneficial investment”.

The type of bank that you are will be a deciding factor in your success in any, or all, levels and aspects of your personal and professional life.  Being a withdrawal only bank will be draining because at some point, you are going to give out all you have, even reserves, and possibly lose interest from the takers.  The savings mentality can be burdensome because you can lose relationships, due to not using the favors that others owe you.  Think about it, do you like people having the ability to hang things over your head until they decide when to collect on what’s owed? 

Investments are crucial.  The more you invest in yourself, the more you get back and earn towards the future of whatever you are looking to achieve.  Be patient and invest in yourself, become more focused on the ROI, return on investment, than the saving of something and never using it.  Like wise with the people around you, specifically those that are looking to achieve more that need a bit of a push.  I would advise, when it comes to investing in others, that you are not having to constantly “pump” someone up.  Investments are a different type of energy draining but you get something back from it.  Pumping people up until they get moving makes you a withdrawal bank, and remember, you get nothing back when you allow people to only take from you.

So, I ask you, what type of bank are you?

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