Achieve Your Desired Level of Success

Mistakes That I Made In the Past…Avoid These As Much As Possible

  1. Do Not Get in Your Own Way
    1. Remain humble and do not get out of that character.  A lot of people make it to places that their character cannot keep them.
  2. Do Not Hesitate
    1. If you see an opportunity you want, move on it with a sense of urgency.  It does not matter if you know what you are doing, you can figure it out later.
  3. Do Not Settle for No… Be Persistent, Relentless, Assertive
    1. Just because you are told no does not mean it ends there.  Take the necessary and/or required steps to make your vision become reality.
  4. Hold Yourself Back for Others… Being Average on Purpose
    1. Do not lower your performance to help other feel better about themselves.
  5. Accept Other’s Limitations
    1. You have to remember that not everyone can do everything they would like to accomplish.  Do not let their negative talk affect your pursuit of accomplishing what they could not.
  6. Posture Yourself for Success
    1. Not everyone can execute what they have been given.  Remain observant and vigilant.  Put yourself in the position to step in and take over, when/where possible.
  7. Do Your Own Research
    1. Trust but verify!  A lot of people pass on “experiences”.  Filter what you are told and perform your own research.
  8. Do Not Go at Everything on Your Own
    1. At a certain point, you will need someone.  Be selective, your work ethic and observations will let you know who will be the most beneficial to you.
  9. Be Patient
    1. The disproportionate reason why most do not excel or progress when they are supposed to be because they are concerned with what other’s are achieving and receiving.
  10. Know Your Value
    1. Not every opportunity is for you.  Not everyone is going to value you.  Currently, people value the work that saves them work.  If you are feeling underappreciated, “leave” that situation or match your value with your assigned task(s).
  11. King/Queen of the Hill Mindset
    1. Own what you do and do it to the best of your ability.  Remember, you name is associated with how people perceive and remember you.  Give them a reason to speak highly of you.

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