Stop Blaming It

The word ‘it’ has been given a bad name and has developed a bad reputation, and it is all our fault!

Every time It is brought up, it seems to be in the situations or instances of someone trying to find a way out.  It has become an excuse of why we are not achieving or successfully executing on our dreams.

Question, what made you dream those dreams you have had thus far? 

Let me help you out, It was an idea that your mind saw and held on to because it thought It was possible.  Your mind and desires are leading you to the conclusion that something better is waiting for you.  Your mind is in the driver’s seat, not It.

Stop blaming It and start blaming You!  You’re the reason you did not get the ball rolling.  You’re the reason that you are in the same spot today that you were in last year, year before that, and probably the year before that one.  Inaction is your fault, not Its

It is actually waiting on you, but It cannot always come to you. Take action!

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