Pick Your Poison

I’ll Take A Liar Over A Hypocrite

One of those words that you never want to become associated with, but also one of those words that you should be careful of when using to reference someone else.

One of the most utilized phrases is “trust but verify”, which can be a good and bad thing.  Good to verify for yourself but there is always that small, or overwhelming, thought of, “I really hope this person did what they were supposed to do”.  When you confirm that they kept their word, you may feel like you wasted your time…do not allow yourself to feel this way.  When you confirm that they did not keep their word, you become either furious or let down…do not allow yourself to feel this way either.

The reason you do not allow yourself to feel this way is because it is not you whom is untrustworthy…hopefully.  You cannot control anyone’s actions, other than your own, and not many of us have time to “hold hands and escort” the people in question.  So, trusting by verifying is necessary but there is also another word that you must come to grips with, if this trust in another person begins to fade.  This word runs along the lines of lying but is a bit worse…it is hypocrisy.


The ability to judge a person on something that they are, or are not doing, while you are doing the same, is shameful.  It’s worse than being a liar because a liar breaks trust but a hypocrite views themselves superior to everyone while knowing they are committing the same actions.  Practice what you preach or your credibility will be shot to death, without you even knowing it!

Just think about it… some of you may be doing this and by doing this, it is affecting the support your receive from your teammates.  Being a hypocrite is worse than being a liar because after a certain point, you expect a liar to be a liar.  I hate to say it, but there is power in consistency and not all powers are positive…but I think the majority of people will take a liar over a hypocrite because a liar is just lying to you, not looking down on you.

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