Grass Greener or Dyed?

For the habitual fence hoppers. For those that tend to run when a threat presents itself. For those that jump ship when things look unfavorable.

Ask yourself this question, is the grass truly greener on the other side, or is it dyed?

Are Safe Bets Really Safe?

It’s easy to run to the safer side of a situation, when what is in front of you looks damning. What is that saying about you though? What is that saying about your effectiveness? How does your future look, when you are constantly running from problems?

Let me provide you some answers, it makes your future look sad and unfulfilled. It makes you look ineffective and unreliable. What it says about you is that you only prefer the easy situations and that you will always prefer comfortable and controllable situations.

Look at it like this, football fields can be made up a few ways but the two categories it can fall into are real and fake; grass versus AstroTurf.

Grass grows from seeds, seeds that need to be nurtured and feed continuously, trimmed when necessary and replaced when no longer alive. Grass dies in the cold elements but can, over the course of time, learn to adapt and thrive. In order for grass to become admired and desired by others, it takes a lot of hard work on behalf of the owner to create that feeling in others, the same way it exists within themselves.

AstroTurf, on the other hand, is great for maintenance, when looking to save time, and looks good to anyone at any given time. It is always presentable, due to the worker that prepares the grounds and lays it out. This type of “hard work” is admired but does not leave one fulfilled because everyone who looks at it knows it it fake. They know that no true hard work was dedicated to it, outside of the proper placement of the squares or rolls of turf.How are you handling your grass? Are you planting and nurturing your seeds or have you gone with an AstroTurf future?


When you are continuously running, your vision will be big but you will not have the backbone and confidence to make your big dreams come to reality.

You will inherently confine yourself in your dream, in your mind, and that will be the furthest you will go with it. I will state the obvious, there is no fence hopping, when you are the only one that truly cares if it happens or not.

Now I ask you, if you switched sides on your dreams, i.e. abandoned your dreams and vision and settled for the safer route, how are you feeling now?

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