It’s Going To Be A Fight

Rewiring your brain and habits to take on a new way of doing things that makes it uncomfortable in order to help you achieve what you’re desiring.

People are going to call or say to you that you’re stupid.  They’re going to question your sanity, which in turn, will make you question your sanity.  Reinventing yourself is a struggle.  It’s a struggle that most people lose to themselves but if things don’t work out, you can at least say… I tried. 

Now, that “I tried” statement means that you tried everything and came up short.  It doesn’t mean that you tried for a week and gave up.  It also doesn’t mean that you faced opposition and folded to the possible pressure.

I tried means that you exhausted all options, and then some.  One thing to remember, in these instances, the best you can do is your best.  You cannot do better than your best! 

Remind yourself of that and then remember this, saying to yourself and affirming yourself that you gave your best is not a cop out, it’s actually the opposite.  This is you saying to yourself that you may have failed but you gave your all, which brings me to the next important thing in a fight…honesty. 

You know the effort you gave in the fight.  Lying to yourself will not do you any good.  Making excuses that allow an easy out for you and places blame onto others will not benefit you.

Own the lost, learn from it, and then move on.

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