Say That Then

Stop biting your tongue in situations that you should be unleashing your opinion, your truth, your facts upon everyone.

It’s becoming more alarming by the day just how many people are “suffering in silence” when all they have to do is speak up.  There is absolutely no reason why you should suffer in silence simply to keep hope alive.  What I mean by hope is the hope that you still stand a chance in whatever you are hoping to achieve.  Hope as in, “my time is coming, at some point, so I better not say anything now to hurt my future chances”.

Let me tell you from experience, your time is not coming…unless you do something about it.  So, tongue biting is not your friend and does you no favors.  You should prefer being let go and viewed in a negative, defiant light than a person that says yes all the time when you really want to say no… at least forty percent of the time.

Be selective in what you say but never not say what you feel.  For most people, this is easier said than done.  It’s difficult for most of us to be strategic in what we say, when emotions take over.  For others, once they make the decision to say something…boom, the war of words begins.

You should not say that to cause utter destruction.  You should be speaking up to have your voice heard, even if you know that no one is going to listen or take what you say into account.  I used to clear things with others before I said them, in order to avoid fall out or blow back that may come from those that choose to be a negative force. 

These days, I don’t clear anything with anyone before saying what I want to say.  The reason why is simple…I am ultimately dealing with the decisions I make and no one else. 

So if you are living with the decision, why would you feel the need to restrict or tailor your speech?

You should never be made to feel like a filter has to be applied or a muzzle has to be removed to be your authentic self. 

So, say that then. 

Say what you want to say and then move on.

One thought on “Say That Then

  1. That is the challenge. To not be yes men to secure your position but to take a risk and be your authentic self. Diplomacy is the problem. But with people getting offended at the slightest thing, is there a solution?

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