Conflict Avoidance

“Has anyone spoken to them yet?”, I asked.  Crickets and eye-shifts go around the room.

What is it with conflict that makes people find an alternate route to either solve the problem or to bury it?

I was in a meeting with a team and there was a lot of, “this has been a problem for 2-3 weeks” and “I noticed that last week” and these witnessed negative behaviors went un-approached and unquestioned.  Let me add some context to this…it was an area that involved finances.

How many of you would allow your money person, or accountant, mishandle and abuse your account?

At the end of this team meeting, the question was asked, “who’s going to speak with them (the accountant)?”, once again, crickets.  I said, “you know what, I’ll speak with them”, even though it was not my direct problem to deal with.

I sit the member down, with the person they replaced, and within 7 minutes, I got to the bottom of the problem…the person did not want to be an funds handler, or monitor, and did not want anything to do with training personnel with money.  A 3 week problem remedied in 7 minutes!

I say all of that to say this…attack the problem head on.  Not everything or situation will be easily or quickly solved like this one was, but, letting things linger can be more costly (no pun intended) in the end that nipping it in the bud in the early stages.


4 thoughts on “Conflict Avoidance

  1. I’m like to think I deal with conflict within a good amount of time and I see the wisdom in not letting the issue fester. Take a brief time to think through your approach then get it done with. It is certainly less costly that way.

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    1. Thank you The Afterthought for dropping a comment!

      Exactly! No one is saying to rush into a resolution, but you have to at least address it. There are a lot of people that will not approach it. They will think about doing it but we all know there’s a distinct difference between thinking and doing. Everyone should take a moment and at least talk it out. If not resolved, then you can at least say you tried.


    1. Liz, takes a while to “get use to”. I hate it too, mainly because it could have been avoided, had the most necessary and applicable action been taken initially. Like I said, it takes a while and it also takes a while to understand that someone else’s view(s) of you don’t matter.


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