Secret Sauce

What’s the secret sauce that makes your coaching services so extraordinary? I was asked this today.

My reply was simplicity!  Simplicity of message and delivery.  There’s more power in your words when you keep it simple versus trying to be too deep and going over the heads of your audience.

There’s no rocket science to coaching, as a coach, you either want to help or not.  It’s about helping people make a decision on what they want and achieve what they desire. 

Helping each other should be the main focus.  Over-complicating the process and delivery can be confusing to a person looking for help.  If you’re shouting from the moon to the Earth, and wondering why they “just don’t get it” then your coaching message and delivery is either not for that individual or you’re not adjusting to your clients level of comprehension.

The client is not always the reason why things don’t work out…interpret as you may.


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