Stacking W’s

Settling is easy when you finally score a win.  It’s easy to call it a day when you have finally achieved something.  But let me ask you this, why stop when you can run up the score on the wins?

The reason a lot of people stop in place is because they want to live in that moment.  If it’s the first time you’ve ever experienced that feeling of winning, it can be consuming.  The people around you celebrate with you, for you, for as long as you allow it or as long as they want to carry the feeling on.  There’s nothing wrong with celebrating but there is a difference between carrying it on and carrying it forward.

Carrying it on is everyone being stuck in that moment, typically by choice.  It’s like winning a championship 3 years ago and still celebrating in the present as if it just happened.  Reliving glory days is something we all do but you must not sacrifice the things you can accomplish tomorrow because you refuse to let go of today.  You must carry it forward.

Carry that momentum forward.  Want to establish consistency with your wins.  Improvement is a part of the game, the game of progress. 

Consistency goes hand in hand with improvement and both help move you towards growth of self, skills, knowledge, whatever you need to further your development and accomplishments.

So you may ask, why are consistent wins important?  Why should I obtain a record of achievements and accomplishments? 

My answer to that would be this, history remembers people that achieved massive success.  There is always someone watching to see what you can do and there’s someone in the future that will achieve their goals by following what you have done, also known as an example.

Don’t stop, don’t you dare press the breaks after you have won at something!  Run up the score on the boards and run up the number of W’s in the books! 

Every time you step into the arena, think about your record and the legacy you create. 

Your consistency will create your longevity, in the present. 

Your record will create your legacy, in the future.

Don’t settle for good when greatness is clearly visible on your horizon.


2 thoughts on “Stacking W’s

  1. “Reliving glory days is something we all do but you must not sacrifice the things you can accomplish tomorrow because you refuse to let go of today.” That was some pretty deep stuff right there …


  2. Very interesting perspective. I love the concept of stacking wins to build up momentum but I’m all for celebrating every success to build confidence to keep motivated towards the major end goals. Great read, thanks so for this point of view.

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