Because You’re Not!

“How do you have the energy to do that, after a long day?”.  “Why are you doing that, when you should be resting?”.

My answer, “because you’re not” or “because you won’t”.

The question is valid, especially when you are wanting to call it a day and sit down like most people do.

Let me be clear, I wake up roughly at 4am, every single morning.  I go to sleep between 10-11pm every night, no naps during the day.  If I catch a nap, it’s between 10-30 minutes, 45 minutes max!  That being said, I do get tired, but I don’t have time to give it attention, most times.

The answer of, “because you’re not” is a very simple because a) it’s true to the situation and b) it’s the simple way to say a lot with very little words to get the other person to see the difference between you and them.

I was once told that “discipline is boring”.  I say this to that statement, you’re correct, discipline is boring!  But, I’ll admit, having discipline certainly allows me to get things done and allows me more freedom and control.  When an opportunity comes up and I’m extremely tired, I know that I have what it takes to get started, to at least keep the door open on the opportunity. 

You can only “pick” so many locks to the doors of opportunity.  You either have to adjust your mindset to push yourself through the door, or learn to create the door yourself.  Creating that door can be a lengthier process, but I’m here to tell you, it is possible, and I speak from personal experience on that one.

Sometimes you have to say, “because you’re not”.  It’s not about you being better than the next person, or the other person, it’s about you being better than your past results.

Now a days, it’s easy to give up and it’s more so accepted with open arms because no one likes to say to the quitter that they’re making a mistake.  So, I’ll say it, you’re making a mistake.

I’m not saying you should be dependable to everyone in the world, what I am saying is, you should always be willing to draw that definitive line in the sand that says, “I’m not like you, be cautious and carefully consider before crossing”.

Once again, let me be clear, it’s not about bragging, it’s not about boasting, it’s about you willing to give the last bit of energy to get something done.  Running on fumes is real and everyone says they understand but there’s a difference between understanding and knowing.  There’s a difference between I heard and experience…the two are not the same, and neither is the quitter and the finisher.

Be a pusher, not a quitter.  Be the person that says, “I gave it everything I had.  I may not have been completely successful but at least I didn’t quit.”  Be the person that was “broken” versus the one that gave up and laid on the sidelines with energy to spare.

Remember this, when someone asks you the question, reply with because you’re not!


9 thoughts on “Because You’re Not!

  1. “It’s not about you being better than the next person, or the other person, it’s about you being better than your past results.” I still have people in my life who pop up from that past and think I believe I am better than them. No, not at all. I just choose to be better than my past results which means removing myself from certain things and certain people. 🙂 And that is what works for me …


    1. Could not have said it better myself. Sometimes, you have to seriously evaluate the situation and weigh assess the value. Choosing to lower your value to meet the value of those that’s “stuck” in life is a personal choice that no other person should be blamed for. It’s great to hear that there are people out there that’s willing to remove themselves instead of lowering their standards and expectations of themselves for everyone else’s sake.


  2. This is a great post and super eye opening! I find waking up early and starting my day off on the right foot with a workout and planning out my days for any errands or work for my business is the key to my own success. I make sure to wake up early enough and also go to bed early enough anywhere between 10 or 11. I get called a “grandma” a lot, but hey I am making my dreams a reality and they’re currently not!

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    1. I like that you found that a routine and have proven that a routine is beneficial! You also developed the bravery to ignore those that give you a title of “grandma” when they are most likely envious of your progression and success in life! You’re on the path of greatness, and being the example to model. Most people talk about it, only 7% in the world are walking the walk…welcome to the club!


    1. Thank you Karen! The reason I wake up so early is because I found my why, and once I started chasing it, I saw progress. Sleep seemed almost purposeless when I started getting results. But it took a few years to get to the point of waking up without an alarm. You should shoot for 5am or 6am, but you have to wake up with a purpose or your brain will become exhausted earlier in the day. I found that one out the hard way.


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