I Don’t Want To Point The Finger

“I don’t want to point the finger, but it may be that “person’s” fault”

The lack of ownership can be seen a few ways but is honestly only one thing…a way to lose support or followers. 

No one likes to help a person that blames others for their faults.  I am not aware of anyone that continues to support a habitual finger pointing blamer.

What type of personality do you think this come from?

The person that finds every excuse to dodge the blame but finds 5 ways to place the blame on someone else.  Some people are so confused on the blame game…you only need one reason to blame someone, not five!

I once timed a conversation, just to see if the blamer would give up and realize, and admit, that it was their fault.  That one encounter took 17 minutes for the person to give up and stop lying to themselves and to me.  Sad right?!

Another thing that a finger pointer never seems to realize is that for every excuse they present as someone else’s fault is an actual problem that needs to be fixed. 

How many of you know people that identify problems, when it comes to blaming someone else, but never try to fix the problems they have chosen to highlight?

To wrap this up, I could keep going, don’t point the finger at someone else when you are the one at fault.  Take your lumps, correct the issue, and then move on.  We would all prefer that person to grow from it, but if they chose not to grow, at least fix the problem.


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Point The Finger

  1. Unfortunately, I have a relative like that. I know when I do something and I have the opportunity to blame someone, I realize it will be over much quicker if I take the blame and we move no. Occasionally, I will take the blame and apologize, because it’s easier than hashing it out, even if I’m not guilty.


  2. I used to be the delusional one blaming others for my problems. Truth is, it was only when I was fully willing to walk through my fears that I accepted responsibility. The mind can be like a bad neighborhood. Sometimes I can’t go in there alone. Great article


  3. It was a tradition in my family to always find the guilty one. The problem didn’t matter, the solution didn’t matter, just to make the guilty person ashamed. I am trying to unlearn that and to be mindful and bite myself on the tongue before I speak. But it’s hard work when it’s something you’ve been taught since early childhood.


  4. I have noooo problems admitting my faults. Sometimes it just takes me awhile lol. Im one of those sensitive and emotional kind of chics (in non-spiritual terms Im considered an empath) so I cant think logically until vent and cool off. Aside from that, it annoys me when people take no responsibility for their actions. And yes it is absolutely correct that no one wants to kick it with a pathological blamer.


  5. Good post, I see myself fall into that ditch sometimes. It too easy to blame my abusive childhood for all my bad ways but God has a way of pointing the finger in the right place. He is into all of taking responsibility for our own actions, no matter what and His lived the example on how to do that. I am grateful for grace His mercy that is new everyday for I fail a lot at this. Funny how I hate to be around someone like that but do it myself. We all love to think it’s always someone else fault…but God.


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