Call To Action: Stop Overthinking and Procrastination

This is a post that I wrote back at the beginning of the lockdowns.

How Quarantine Can Build A Beast

Isolation…lock downs…curfews across the world, sounds like the best time to start overhauling the negative mindsets that we’ve developed during our lives thus far!  We’re confined to the walls of our homes for most of our day, if not all 24 hours of it, so what excuse do you have to remain inactive on your visions?

Here’s the call to action; whatever you have been thinking of starting, wishing to accomplish, waiting for the right time to put your plan into action…take your first step today! 

Before you start, do yourself a favor, stop using the “fact” that you’re strategizing as an excuse for your non-action.  Excuses for not moving on your dreams and goals no longer exist.  You should not let yourself off the hook by saying, “I don’t have time”.  Free time is what you have a lot of, in these current times.  Even if you are teleworking from home, you cannot tell me you are doing it for 24 hours a day.  Even your commute time to and from work is gone.

With all of that being said, let’s get to it!

Let’s Work

Write your goals down, write down your wildest thoughts as well.  Nothing is should be viewed as crazy or stupid because everything leads to something else, even when you cannot see it.

After you have everything written down, you can now narrow your focus.  Prioritize them all and then start to think of what it might take from you, and what it may take from others, to get the ball rolling in the direction of execution.

Chose the one, or ones, you would like to accomplish first; not because they are the easiest but because you want them the most.  Afterwards, begin brainstorming ideas and researching what it may take to see your dreams and goals come to fruition.  Once found, break up the known steps into bite size, manageable pieces.

Clear space on a wall, start taping up your ideas and associated details, and then take the next step.

Who’s Your Hero?

Be your hero in the future, by killing procrastination and over-analyzing today!  You owe you to be better.  You owe your future self the chance to be happy.  Make a declaration to yourself to come out of this epidemic better, stronger, and wiser than you did before entering it.

5 thoughts on “Call To Action: Stop Overthinking and Procrastination

  1. Thank you for sharing this call to action that is speaking to me. I needed to read your inspiring post today. I have been putting everything on hold, procrastinating, and finding excuses. I think it’s time for me to act now. Thanks for sharing again.

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    1. No problem Marjiemare, we’re all guilty of doing this…even me! I had to put this one down on paper, and then blog, at the beginning of the pandemic because I was saying, “wait until this thing is over, I’m going to catch up and get back on track”. There was no need to wait, for me, as the thing I was dodging before the pandemic was the same thing I was waiting to start, once the pandemic was over.

      A lot stopped in the world but a lot has resumed. My problem was creating and engaging in social media platforms. I had no excuse to wait, especially when I knew everyone was living online, during the initial phase. I stopped over thinking and procrastinating and it has helped me fill that massive gap in my business. Just wanted to share this, as there is always at least one person in the same boat as you.

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    1. Annie, I was the same…nothing like a well laid plan! I found out, after reflecting on many years of not moving on the plans, that planning and strategy was a great excuse of in-action. I’ve been working on actually getting things done from 4-5 years ago!

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