I Know They Don’t Care

“I don’t believe him when he says he cares.  The last supervisor, I feel, cared too much until he started pointing his blame finger at me and then the respect was lost.  Why should I listen?”

This is a difficult one to answer, in any case I’m asked, because trust is not easily given by some. 

During a mentoring session, a member of the team pulled me to the side and asked “how do you keep going if you have no respect for your leaders?”  I said, “honestly, I don’t know, there’s no answer I can give you because that’s a personal question.  My answer is, you just keep going.”

When you choose to not actually voice your concerns, and you are not willing to leave, then what else do you do but keep going?! 

By not voicing your concerns, you are seemingly okay with how you are being treated.  I’m not saying you should shout from the mountain top…in the beginning.  That mountain top screaming should come when you are nearing your exit time.

The reason this is a hard question to give anyone advice on is because, for one, the stage of life they are in may be different from yours.  I’ve been in my current profession for 17 years, and I’ve been a mindset coach for 2 years.  It’s hard to tell someone what they should do, when you’ve seen and experienced everything they are currently experiencing, for this one simple fact…you know it will all work out.

Just because you think they don’t care doesn’t mean they don’t care.  And just because you think that someone cares doesn’t mean that they do. 

The second reason this is a hard question to answer is this, emotional actions are always based in perception, until you ask the question.  Even after that, you have to take a person’s word for it because who lies about how they are feeling? 

Remember, it’s not your actual job in life to verify the other person’s authenticity.  Until they give you a reason to not trust them, then you should believe what they are saying.

So, to sum this up, there are many types of supervisors out there and they all have their own mindsets and values.  You are not going to mix with everyone you come in contact with but don’t allow their actions, or your perception of them, effect yours.


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