Trustworthy Leader

“Be trustworthy as an ordinary matter of course.” -Master Sun

Ah, the difficulties of trust.  We all have trust issues, to some degree.  Believing in others over and over takes a lot to do and sustain…especially after they have proven themselves untrustworthy more than one time.’

I am certain that we all have had a “flip flopper” as a leader of a group that we were a part of.  Had that boss that just could not stick to their word.  Worked with a peer or co-worker that seemed to tell lies better than they told the truth.

The best way, without a doubt, to get your people to follow you is to be honest every step of the way, no matter what.  The quickest way to lose followers or supporters is to create an air of doubt.  Being a leader is hard.  It is one of the most difficult things in life that you will ever do, if you chose to fill those shoes.

There will always be tough decisions to be made but they must be made and delivered with honesty.  If the “baby is ugly”, then it’s ugly.  No need to focus on how it looks, you must focus on calling and relaying it as you see it.  If the situation looks unfavorable, then say it.  Looking a bit dismal, say that then.

No one should be wondering if their leader, friend, peer, co-worker is telling them the truth.  Build an environment that does not welcome doubt in what a person is saying…tell the truth in all situations and you will forever have the right people’s support. 


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