Secret Sauce

What’s the secret sauce that makes your coaching services so extraordinary? I was asked this today. My reply was simplicity!  Simplicity of message and delivery.  There’s more power in your words when you keep it simple versus trying to be too deep and going over the heads of your audience. There’s no rocket science toContinue reading “Secret Sauce”


“That’s what we good at though…believing” -Big K.R.I.T. Do you believe in yourself?  If not, are you hoping for something to come along and change it for the better?  Last question, do you have any ability or capability to effect the change you are hoping for? I can understand how a person can speak toContinue reading “Believe”

Find Your Game…Know Your Game!

There are many things that you can be good at but there’s very few things you can be great at.  You can know how to run in many different lanes but the time you have to be great, as in consistent, is very small.   When you look at the metaphorical playing field in front ofContinue reading “Find Your Game…Know Your Game!”

Say That Then

Stop biting your tongue in situations that you should be unleashing your opinion, your truth, your facts upon everyone. It’s becoming more alarming by the day just how many people are “suffering in silence” when all they have to do is speak up.  There is absolutely no reason why you should suffer in silence simplyContinue reading “Say That Then”

Life Is Easy, Living Is Hard

You can go through life not wanting anything more than what you have, that’s why it’s easy. Living is hard because when you want more, the fire inside is lit and it will not go out on its own until the associated desire is accomplished.

It’s Going To Be A Fight

Rewiring your brain and habits to take on a new way of doing things that makes it uncomfortable in order to help you achieve what you’re desiring. People are going to call or say to you that you’re stupid.  They’re going to question your sanity, which in turn, will make you question your sanity.  ReinventingContinue reading “It’s Going To Be A Fight”

Mt Olympus

This is a piece written based music that inspired me to make a change by waking me up and admitting to myself that I am good enough to do what I do the my way and not the way others think or feel I should do. This song is made by a Mississippi based musicianContinue reading “Mt Olympus”

Grass Greener or Dyed?

For the habitual fence hoppers. For those that tend to run when a threat presents itself. For those that jump ship when things look unfavorable. Ask yourself this question, is the grass truly greener on the other side, or is it dyed? Are Safe Bets Really Safe? It’s easy to run to the safer sideContinue reading “Grass Greener or Dyed?”