Trustworthy Leader

“Be trustworthy as an ordinary matter of course.” -Master Sun Ah, the difficulties of trust.  We all have trust issues, to some degree.  Believing in others over and over takes a lot to do and sustain…especially after they have proven themselves untrustworthy more than one time.’ I am certain that we all have had aContinue reading “Trustworthy Leader”

Stacking W’s

Settling is easy when you finally score a win.  It’s easy to call it a day when you have finally achieved something.  But let me ask you this, why stop when you can run up the score on the wins? The reason a lot of people stop in place is because they want to liveContinue reading “Stacking W’s”

Secret Sauce

What’s the secret sauce that makes your coaching services so extraordinary? I was asked this today. My reply was simplicity!  Simplicity of message and delivery.  There’s more power in your words when you keep it simple versus trying to be too deep and going over the heads of your audience. There’s no rocket science toContinue reading “Secret Sauce”

Find Your Game…Know Your Game!

There are many things that you can be good at but there’s very few things you can be great at.  You can know how to run in many different lanes but the time you have to be great, as in consistent, is very small.   When you look at the metaphorical playing field in front ofContinue reading “Find Your Game…Know Your Game!”

Call to Action: Stop Overthinking and Procrastinating

How Quarantine Can Build A Beast Isolation…lock downs…curfews across the world, sounds like the best time to start overhauling the negative mindsets that we’ve developed during our lives thus far!  We’re confined to the walls of our homes for most of our day, if not all 24 hours of it, so what excuse do youContinue reading “Call to Action: Stop Overthinking and Procrastinating”