Anxiety’s Battlefield

The Crossroad Here we are, standing in front of something that we want but we can’t take the first step.  What is it that’s holding you back?  Is it fear?  Self-doubt?  Yes, and no, it’s official name is anxiety. You’ve come face to face with your desire of achieving more and the worry, nervousness, uneaseContinue reading “Anxiety’s Battlefield”

It’s Going To Be A Fight

Rewiring your brain and habits to take on a new way of doing things that makes it uncomfortable in order to help you achieve what you’re desiring. People are going to call or say to you that you’re stupid.  They’re going to question your sanity, which in turn, will make you question your sanity.  ReinventingContinue reading “It’s Going To Be A Fight”

Achieve Your Desired Level of Success

Mistakes That I Made In the Past…Avoid These As Much As Possible Do Not Get in Your Own Way Remain humble and do not get out of that character.  A lot of people make it to places that their character cannot keep them. Do Not Hesitate If you see an opportunity you want, move onContinue reading “Achieve Your Desired Level of Success”