Grass Greener or Dyed?

For the habitual fence hoppers. For those that tend to run when a threat presents itself. For those that jump ship when things look unfavorable. Ask yourself this question, is the grass truly greener on the other side, or is it dyed? Are Safe Bets Really Safe? It’s easy to run to the safer sideContinue reading “Grass Greener or Dyed?”

Pick Your Poison

I’ll Take A Liar Over A Hypocrite One of those words that you never want to become associated with, but also one of those words that you should be careful of when using to reference someone else. One of the most utilized phrases is “trust but verify”, which can be a good and bad thing. Continue reading “Pick Your Poison”

Call to Action: Stop Overthinking and Procrastinating

How Quarantine Can Build A Beast Isolation…lock downs…curfews across the world, sounds like the best time to start overhauling the negative mindsets that we’ve developed during our lives thus far!  We’re confined to the walls of our homes for most of our day, if not all 24 hours of it, so what excuse do youContinue reading “Call to Action: Stop Overthinking and Procrastinating”

Stop Blaming It

The word ‘it’ has been given a bad name and has developed a bad reputation, and it is all our fault! Every time It is brought up, it seems to be in the situations or instances of someone trying to find a way out.  It has become an excuse of why we are not achievingContinue reading “Stop Blaming It”