No One Shows Up To Lose

Fact: Two people enter, one person leaves the victor.  There is no real tie for first place, you either win or your don’t…no in between.

Are You Ready?

Have you done all you can do and need to do, in order to meet what you are chasing head-on?  Preparation is key, especially if you are not the only one that wants what you want.  Have you read every book you need to read, have you warmed up as much as you need to?  Are you ready for the daunting challenge ahead of you?  Get prepared, because even if you have done all you can do, the challenge only needs to catch you off guard once to end it all.

What’s Your Stamina Like?

Are you built to got the distance? 

At a certain point, your will to get it down will not be enough…you’re going to dig deep and rely on your stamina.  Have you been here before or have you planned things and done enough research to have an idea of what you are up against?  Sadly, a lot of people rely on talent to get them through but talent is not enough when the other person has trained for any and every possible moment to seize and take.

Talent can get you far enough, in most cases.  Talent can get you a win more times than not.  What talent cannot do is beat the preparation of the trained person. 

Has your success made you soft?  Has winning become the deciding factor in why you are struggling now?  Complacency is a killer to progression because not everyone stops to celebrate their accomplishments in the moment.  Complacency, in competition, runs parallel to one of the most dangerous places to operate from, with desperation being the other side of the parallel.

What Are You Doing…Standing Up or Laying Down?

There are going to be times that you win the fight, there will be times that you lose…that’s just a part of life.  What determines how things end for you is you and your preparation.  Are you truly giving all you got in the moment, or are you giving less than one hundred percent, in hopes that someone is going to come and save you? 

No one is coming to save you, and as soon as you realize that and operate as if no one is coming to pick you up, you will make strategy and preparation keys in your planning of the future.  So get to planning now, or continue to be found laying on the ground, looking up.  If you are standing, keep planning or you may end up like the aforementioned because you became complacent.

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