Find Your Game…Know Your Game!

There are many things that you can be good at but there’s very few things you can be great at.  You can know how to run in many different lanes but the time you have to be great, as in consistent, is very small.  

When you look at the metaphorical playing field in front of you, do you see only one to two options to score, or do you see many different way to make it happen? 

Those that see one or two options, when there are clearly more than that…I’m going to say this, that is probably not the game for you!  Those that see more than two options and are willing to try all at any given moment, that most likely is your game & field. 

The difference between one option and several options is the ability to let your mind open up and see the possibilities.  No one knows with certainty that they will be great at something new, but those that can see the various possibilities envision themselves getting there until they are there.

So, what do you think you can be great at?  What makes you feel alive when you either do it or are surrounded by it with no direct involvement?

Whatever that is, then that is your game! 

Remember, you may not know how to make it happen but it is okay, that is what using your time correctly will help you figure out.  Mistakes are going to happen, failure is certainly going to happen, and the urge to quit is going to happen as well.  I say all of that to say this…don’t quit…because that feeling that led you to that game will not go away.

The feeling may go away for a while but it never truly leaves.  Not to be too cliche on you, but it is your calling and callings rarely go away easily.  The sooner you understand these things, the better off you will be in the long run.  Now, back to the game!

How much do you know about your field?  One of the best questions that I have ever heard was this, “what do I need to know that I don’t know right now?”. 

Do your research, then do some more research.  Developing a plan of action or execution is not necessary early in the process but it will be critical, when you decide to jump for the next level.  Study the game, study the field, study the players, and then…practice, practice, practice!  Make time to hone your talents, practice and refine your skills, and develop the mindset of “I’m the one”.

Execute those few things, along with a few others, and you will become an effective person in any arena you step in.

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