“That’s what we good at though…believing” -Big K.R.I.T.

Do you believe in yourself?  If not, are you hoping for something to come along and change it for the better?  Last question, do you have any ability or capability to effect the change you are hoping for?

I can understand how a person can speak to a higher being, spiritual being, the universe.  But is that belief leaving you feeling comfortable enough to not take action?

Belief in others will only take you so far and will only be so effective.  You must take action.  You must believe in yourself.  You can obviously believe in whatever and whomever you chose to, please don’t misunderstand what I am saying on that.  What I am saying is you must take ownership of your life and of executing the necessary steps that will lead to your desired destination in life.

Having a 24/7 motivator in your life is an option, if you can afford it.  Let me say this though, everything has the possibility of burning out, even motivators.  Everyone needs to recharge and if your push to greatness is 100% fueled by an external source, I can almost promise that at some point, you are going to be in trouble.

The belief that you have in yourself is one of the things that must push you forward.  You know what you want, what you must do…which is work, and that no one is coming to save you from the painful course associated with your journey.  Someone may come and ease the pain, temporarily remove the pain, but like all journeys in success, sacrifices must be made and suffering is inevitable.

Make the effort everyday to believe in yourself because you are the only person that is with you 24/7!


4 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Love the part about motivators! It’s so true that while it is good to have support, that we cannot fully rely on them as the entire source of motivation!

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    1. pleaseselfhelpme, thank you for dropping a comment! Yes, there are those that will not move, unless someone is pushing them. As a coach, it can be very difficult to re-program a person’s way of thinking when they solely depend on an external energy. I see it almost everyday, people having great ideas but no funds to hire a motivator. Those ideas may forever stay in those people’s minds!


  2. This is so true, the more we can believe in ourselves, the more we can achieve. Sometimes it’s hard to do though, for so many people!


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