The Delusional Mindset

“Where is he…I told him to make corrections and he didn’t”, is what I was asked and told today.

Once again, let me add some context to this “What Do You Think” interaction post.  The person that was being spoken about is notorious for their timeliness issues.

As a coach, you have to be careful about letting people know what the professional you would do and what the personal you would do.  I asked the professional question, which was, “what are you going to do?”.

At a certain point, you have to stop lying to yourself or living in what I like to call a delusional mindset.  If a person has not being doing what they were supposed to do for weeks or months, then it may not happen ever, which means it’s time for you to take action.

Get your head out of the sand and keep it out!  Ignoring the issue does not make it go away, it allows it to stick around and become cancerous!

The people that are around you can tell, to a certain extent, that everything is not “all good”.  If the energy becomes displaced, meaning you begin taking out your frustrations on people that have nothing to do with the situation, those people will begin distancing themselves.  Not many people can take a hit like this either, be it personal or professional.

Do not allow someone to throw the balance of your life out of whack.  Approach the problem and solve it accordingly.

All cancer has to be taken out!  If you are not willing to address and treat it until it retreats, then cut it out, toss it, and then move on…those around you will greatly appreciate it!


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